Value manifests itself in numerous ways, from bottom-line savings and support of category management imperatives, to identifying alternative sources of supply for our clients within the business, to providing targeted market information. The mechanism for extracting this value is a combination of client process optimization, collaboration and KAPISCO's efficient and effective execution. We consider proactive sourcing a direct output of category management initiatives, market analysis and pipeline activities. In addition, sourcing is a direct input to contracting and supplier management.

Sourcing department conducts due diligence and develop plans to proactively pursue productive opportunities for the clients. But at the same time, they are able to effectively react to the needs of the client. Through the application of our flexible and market-leading approach, KAPISCO enables our clients to address both the challenges efficiently.


  • Organizations targeting under management, need procurement to serve as an effective channel to turn visibility into results
  • Expert sourcing resources enable deeper project portfolio development and bring the commercial skills necessary to build relationships with our clients
  • Leading organizations focus on core, strategic activities and leverage strong partners for execution and enablement


  • Our clients get a bottom-line cost savings to meet their business objectives. Accelerating savings is imperative to keep pace with the market
  • Our clients can to be confident that their sourcing expertise and execution maximize savings
  • Leveraging a service provider that is in the category-related markets more frequently than the client, increases sourcing performance


  • Clients require a fit-for-purpose approach that improves results while flexing to accommodate the unique demands and complexity levels of specific projects
  • Continuous improvement, automation and innovation are needed to drive year-over-year improvements
  • Functional expertise is sought for upskilling or complementing the existing sourcing team


We use a flexible sourcing on a global basis is becoming a viable alternative for every industry. In the world where the rules are continuously changing due to verious limitations and restrictions in each market.

To successfully source product, we must clearly understand the culture, the business,  politics and the government of the sourcing country.

We are well versed in:

  • geographical environment
  • cultural characteristics
  • trade complexities
  • inconsonance of utilities
  • verious levels of bureaucracy
  • laws
  • local worker force dynamics
  • feasability
  • integration of IT systems
  • costing

KAPISCO has a strong track record of assisting clients making successful business coplete of satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience in Asia, and offices in Netherlands, USA and Canada KAPISCO is the leading choice for a number of multinational corporations doing business globaly. One can greatly benefit from our know-how and experience in outsourcing products and services, obtaining joint venture partners, and establishing business and manufacturing operations with confidence.

Whether you decide to source or partner in EU, US or Asia, we will assist and work with you to ensure a successful product development process. We will liaison and transfer knowledge between you and your supplier throughout the entire process. At the end of KAPISCO's engagement, the supplier will provide you with a successful product that meets all your Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) criteria. All factors including quality, delivery, and packaging risks will be considered to provide a high quality product at cost and on time while conforming to top International standards for performance.

Following the completion of supplier development services, KAPISCO can provide product containment services until you are confident of a supplier's quality. In fact, KAPISCO is one of only a few firms capable to handle the most difficult supplier development issues.

We are looking forward to partner with you.